This flea-loving brand is For Sale!

Contact Mary-Jo for details.

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Ridiculously hot-looking and loves animals?

This is the kind of shirt you’d bring home to meet mama.

We’ve pushed “paws”.

Pause / PawsTheFleasKnees tees are SOLD OUT! And we are pushing pause while we create the next new exiting line-up of products. Huge thanks for your flea-loving support the last five years.

Fleas Knees T-shirts

Introducing TheFleasKnees tees.

Best Friends' Animal Society's Puppies Aren't ProductsRidiculously hot-looking, 100% cotton, ass-kickingly awesome tees made – and worn – in support of responsible pet ownership. And in support of being ridiculously hot-looking. Don’t believe us? Check out the collection. Or read about the fund. And prepare yourself to fall so madly in love with a shirt you actually feel giddy.

Photo: Founder Mary-Jo's sidekick, Cowboy, is the inspiration behind the brand. And one heckuva good-looking mascot.

Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the Fleas.

Know a DogMom who is not only crazy about dogs, but crazy about ridiculously hot-looking 100% cotton tees made in support of animal rescue? Forward her www.FleasPlease.com